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      [2020-07-01 16:20:11] Exhibition Invitation | Electronica China

      Exhibition Preview


      KPD will attend electronica China 2020 in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Centre duringJuly 3rd. to July 5th.

      Welcome to our booth: 5.2H-D510.

                                                                                KPD's booth design


      Exhibition Details

      Exhibition Name: Electronica China

      Address: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Centre

      Date: 2020.7.3-7.5

      KPD Booth No.: 5.2H-D510

                                  Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Centre

                                                                                    KPD's booth location


      KPD's Key Products On Exhibition


      Customized Temperature Sensor for 5G Signal Tower

      Product ModelKPD-SH12-SD20024-1

      Product Advantagehigh precision、fast response、strong  stability

                               KPD Sensor: KPD-SH12-SD20024-1



      NTC Chip for Thermometer(Thermopile)


      Product Model: KPD-CP-SH12-104G-395F

      Product Advantage: high precision、daily production reached one million、qualification rate over 98% .


                         KPD Blue Film Chip: KPD-CP-SH12-104G-395F

      Exhibition Invitation

                            Scan code to make appointment online


      Contact: Shenzhen KPD Electronics Co., Ltd
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