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      [2017-11-30 09:59:30] China International new energy vehicle industry forum

      With the global resources crisis and the automobile exhaust is released cause the environment problem has been focused by the government around the world, it was necessary to develop the new energy car.

      China International new energy vehicle industry forum held in Beijing on 23 to 24 November 2017. The forum analyzed the new energy vehicle and the market. such as Battery power technology, Electric control technology, lightweight, automobile safety .

      Many core components enterprises in China, such as Li Shen, Jing Jin and other company technical leaders attend the forum and make a keynote speech, and there is hundreds of Technical elite and supplier have a wonderful communication to discuss how to solve the battery problem and what we have to do for the new energy vehicle have a bright future make a contribution.
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      CEO Jun Ye
      Shenzhen KPD Electronics Co., Ltd as a sponsor our company CEO Jun Ye has attend this forum and make a speech, She said that the new energy vehicle industry is a trend, we have follow the market to change, the market is huge we have to improve ourselves standard to create high quality product to consumer, the new energy vehicle must have bright future. the speech get the unanimous approval of everyone in the forum.
      Shenzhen KPD Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional NTC temperature sensor supplier in China. we have concern how to make contribution to protect our family, our beautiful planet. hope we can collaborate with you in the near future.
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