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      Required nos: 1 person

      Gender: Female


      1. Have experience of studying abroad, returned to mainland china for more than two years.

      2. Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing. able to communicate with foreign customers in English without obstacles. (will be interviewed in English)

      3. Have a Driver's License, driving for two years or more, and with a good driving habits.


      Preferred conditions are: 

      1. Familiar with company internal system operation procedures.

      2. Have independent commitment to the project and work with responsibility.

      3. Have Electronics Industry related work experience.

      4. to assist the general manager to complete the sales plans.

      5. monitoring the completion of the sales plans, timely detection of sales problems and improving them.

      6. Receive domestic and overseas clients and arrange for factory visits. Visit domestic and overseas client factory/office for business discussions (all communications must in english without any problem).

      4. to assist the general manager to complete all exhibition task home and abroad. (English communicate must).

      5. assist in brand promotion activities.

      6. to assist the general manager with all kinds of communications and management issues of the head office, the zhejiang office and the factory. (shall need to drive alone).

      7. complete other internal management arrangements as informed by the general manager.


      Position treatments offered: 

      1. basic salary 8K + commission

      2. Two days rest (weekends), 5days of working, 8hours a day.

      3. Company provides group traveling two times a year, meal expenses (while traveling), provide accommodation, transportation and other subsidy;

      4. every year provide opportunity to go abroad to participate in international exhibitions. 

      Who want to join us, please sent the resume to yun.ye@kpd-ntc.com .

      Contact: Shenzhen KPD Electronics Co., Ltd
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